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Track: Take Me Away
Artist: Globus
Album: Epicon
Answer our call in desperate hours
Shelter our fall from earthly powers
Temper our souls with flame and furnace
Bear us toward a noble purpose

Heaven hides nothing in its measure
Mortal men blinded by false treasure
Formless and vanquished we shall travel
Shield and sword will guide our battle

Track: In Memoriam
Artist: Globus


Globus - In Memoriam 


A reminder to fellow otherkin that with Coming Out Day coming up, please remember not to “come out” as otherkin because that is not what the day is for

i guess they were really right when they say opposites attract. i think these two pictures show my buns’ personalities pretty well.

solara; feisty and outgoing. often running around, pushing her pens around. she’s fiery and full of piss and vinegar. she’s got a loud personality, and she’s always moving, and when she isn’t, she’s resting after bolting around. she doesn’t like non-rabbits and runs from people when she sees them. she does not like female rabbits. she is 5 years old.

silas; laid back and lazy. he’s lounging and laying around almost all of the time. he will sometimes get really excited and run around, but that’s mainly just when he gets in the mood. he will get up to run to me too, and is always begging for pets and kissing my leg as i rub his ears. he loves everyone, and is pretty much a ‘grandpa.’ he is 6 years old.

tldr; solara is feisty and outgoing and acts young. silas is lazy and friendly and acts old.

solara and silas's bonding progress! these two spend most of their day together now, and i am consistently checking up on them of course! they get along really well. <3 (if you ever want bonding tips, feel free to ask lol!)

they’ve known each other/interacted for almost five years now so it’s not surprising they are getting along so well. silas won’t groom solara though, he’s such a brat! good thing solara loves to show her affection. they are pretty much complete opposites though. solara is active! she runs around and binkys and is always moving. silas tends to laze around more often than not. but either way, i think they’re gunna make an amazing pair and maybe solara will get my big boy movin.


I really don’t get why torties are so unpopular. After black cats they’re the hardest to find homes for and a lot of people consider them ugly. 

Torties are beautiful and they have the BEST personalities. If it was up to me I’d own nothing but torties. I mean, who wouldn’t want a cat like this;image


omfg i LOVE torties ;;O;;; its my favorite cat colorin, has been for a long time actually ! i’ve never had the pleasure of owning one yet though.. :-c but i did get to hang out with my cousin’s tortie when she had one.

these are the cats/their colors i have owned:

  • black female, baby
  • black/gray tabby male, buddy boy
  • orange tabby female, tabby
  • gray and white tabby female, chesney
  • dilute torbie (mostly gray tabby, with some orange) female, flint
  • black and white female, natasha
  • long furred brown mackerel tabby female, pepper

i dunno where baby came from, but buddy boy came out our house one day in the suburbs, tabby my parents adopted, chesney was the neighbor’s but they didn’t take care of her, flint was chesney’s kitten, and natasha and pepper were both strays that i have now. x-3







A természet BTK-ja : Ne lopj a farkasoktól!

Felkavaró videó!

this just reminded me of people who say things like
"humans are so evil, animals dont kill and torture eachother"

no they had to all come to rip apart that coyote alive, whic is totally a less painful death than human methods of killing.

But woofs are soooo cyuuuute tho

Wolves commonly kill coyotes. Some wolves become such experts in killing yotes that they will teach their pack mates how to do it, actively seeking out and attacking coyotes for no apparent reason. They don’t eat the coyotes, so it’s not for food, and the yotes pose no real threat or competition as they are so much smaller and generally hunt different prey from wolves. So the only real reason they do it so frequently is out of play and enjoyment

Humans really aren’t the only ones who hunt for sport. 

Wolves are one of the many predators known to kill for fun.

Also on youtube I’ve seen videos of lions injuring hyenas and toying with them until they die. So yep, some animals’ type of playtime involves the torture of other creatures lol. 

Track: Never There
Artist: Cake
Album: Prolonging the Magic


"Never There" by Cake