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"you can’t just think every character is queer" watch me. watch me


tv show meme: favorite childhood cartoon show(s) [1/5]

totally spies (2001-present)

yells! i have at least 10 packages coming in the mail soon!! LOL

(4.5 are gifts, 3 are gifts from parents, 2.5 are me splurging on pokemon merch oops)


if you say you support otherkin but you don’t support fictionkins get the fuck out of my face 


Look at all this dead stuff i saw in michigan

SO yeah canis-decassatus came over again this weekend!!! nvn they came over and spent the night and gave me a buncha stuff (i will get pics up soon ;v;) BC THEY ARE WAY TOO NICE and we got to hang out and talk and stay up until 6 fuckin am LOL. x-3 then the next day their fam, them, and i all went to a city near where i live and walked around and had dinner and looked at plants and found a leopard vest for a bunch of money LOL but it was so cool and we never have enough time to hang out but its rly awesome hangin out w acacia ;;v;; and their family is very nice too and their siblings are adorable LOL

japanese sellers on ebay are always SO NICE. i’ve bought from 2 (birthday gifts for myself, from my parents) recently and they both have messaged me and kept me updated on when they will ship and whatnot and everything like they didnt have to do that but they both went outta their way to tell me ;;v;; no other sellers have ever done that for me @3@


Kaneki meets Uta
↳manga vs anime