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recklessisawreck asked: i saw u tag "still listening to tokyo ghoul op ngl" and im laughin bc me too LOL


man that song is so good tho???? i listen to it on like a daily basis

SOOOOOO GOOD. like holy shit it’s probably my favorite song ever because i NEVER get tired of it?!?

i listen to it on a daily basis too x-D like holy shit. i lovveee to belt out the lyrics specifically when i’m takin a shower and cleanin the cats’ litter boxes <3


Frozen AU where the movie never existed


"why are u listening to anime openings"

why arent u

well… laurel was doin ok with her wry neck issues, we were givin her poly vi sol and colloidal silver every time we cleaned the coop bc she had improved and didn’t seem to need it every day… but it’s obviously not enough because her head tilt is even worse now and when i pick her up her head starts like. SPINNING. it’s both terrifyin and disturbing. so we’re gunna start giving her her vitamins regularly again and hope she improves again.



hi yeah this is your daily killjoy reminder that if ur an adult on tumblr u need to be very careful about maintaining boundaries between yourself and your minor followers/friends

yeah like if one of your younger followers tells you to unfollow because it’s making them uncomfortable, fucking do it 

don’t get me started on how many actual fucking adults refuse to unfollow a minor on here

it’s goddamn creepy


I still can’t believe Masashi Kishimoto actually drew this



Photo by Ken Watkins


cat people: dogs are cool too
dog people: cats don’t feel love did you know a cat once MURDERED my MOTHER