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WARNING: i am not strictly a nature/animal blog and i often reblog taxidermy, dead animals and hunting as well as anime and cartoons. they are all tagged accordingly though!!!

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Peter Gronquist 
Untitled (Leopard) 
Mixed media taxidermy Leopard sculpture with acrylic paint, 47x41x16in

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These are from last year, but I haven’t really shared them yet. Life sketches of my very thinkful EE chicken, Willow, when she was in the basement with me.


The Nuggets went on their first trip outside today. I think they had fun.

omg you got chickens!! <33 what cute lil buggers ;w;

sooo turns out i puked so hard yesterday i broke blood vessels in BOTH of my eyes. no wonder they’ve been hurting all day ;;~;;

they’re both hidden under my bottom eye lid (the left eye is worse than the right) which i’m simultaneously grateful for„ but also disappointed bc i would look wild as hell w em visible LOL

anyway, yeah, anyone interested in pics? i’ll prob post some anyway (i’ll tag it as “subconjunctival hemorrhage”) but yeah. it’s so strange- i’ve never had something like this happen to me