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My Alaskan Cross fox pelt, Kovu and I. I am sending him in the mail this week to MidnightWolfDesigns for him to be soft mounted. He is like a living being to me, I am very attached to him, and I love him. It terrifies me that he will be in the mail without my control, but that worry will be worth it when he is finished and back in my arms. Wish him and I luck <3

Don’t like fur/pelts? Learn about Tumblr Savior.

Kovu was not killed specifically for me, he was killed for population control, which yes, it is needed. Without it, the fox could lose territory to other foxes and move into human-territory, only to  get killed painfully by cars or other ways… they could starve, diseases could spread, fleas, ticks… learn before negatively commenting.

At least his beauty is being preserved and appreciated instead of just rotting away in the ground.

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