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My yote, my yote!

He’s bigger than my foxes! He is so soft and cute and fffffuuuuck I love him. <3 The contrast of his belly is fantastic and he’s a mix of like, all the colors a coyote can be! And his tail! The colors are fantastic and it’s long and fluffy! And he’s really reddish on his back legs!

And that black mohawk on his back ahhhh <3!

Ears turned, lips split (though, lots of holes), eyes split, nose split, everything is looking good! Only thing is that giant hole in his front leg and the fact his paw pads are split. I can work with it though!

Last picture is yes, the sign that he is a boy. That’s where his sheath was! The fur is shorter and coarser and it’s hard ehehe.

Anyway, another photoset will come up soon of him with my other pelts. I need to come up with a name for him…

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