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WARNING: i am not strictly a nature/animal blog and i often reblog taxidermy, dead animals and hunting as well as anime and cartoons. they are all tagged accordingly though!!!

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this is how i dressed today, in honor of shannon! i wore a purple brokencyde shirt (we both liked them a lot way back when and her favorite color was purple), the bracelet she made me, a dog tag she had given me from one of her bags, a flower on my hat- the one that’s usually by her picture.. and i wore some japanese cherry blossom lotion because the smell reminds me of her. ♥

Anonymous asked: Psssssst æ

psssst i couldnt decide on a pic??? i havent posted either of these yet so i might as well post them both x’D

so here’s me when i am lazy in pajamas

and here’s me when i straighten my hair (i rarely do it bc my hair is so long) and put a bit of mascara on

(i always subconsciously raise an eyebrow in pics LOL)

been drinkin and cuddlin w doges (in the pic is harry the chinese crested)r

i took 2 selfies today after straightening my hair that i rly liked. on the left i was like IM GUNNA PUT A BUNCH OF TAILS ON BC WHY THE HELL NOT and on the right i was like, i need 2 wear russet w my flower crown again uwu

ok i straightened my hair today for the first time in over a year and yeah i changed shirts a couple times for better pics… anyway click thru for my lovely captions

31 Days of Vulture Culture: Day 8

8) Favorite non skull bone?

probably vertebra from the spine. those bones are hella awesome. here, have a pic of some of the raccoon ones i have (i hate this pic omg lol)


31 Days of Vulture Culture: Day 7

7) What is your favorite skull in your collection?

my kitten skull! =(^ ;ω ;^)=ノ i got the baby off taxidermy.net (was found nature-cleaned by the seller so the skull is missing quite a few teeth) with an opossum skull for $5! deffo a cute lil bugger.


(the jaw is not abnormal btw- the skull shifted while on my head.)

31 Days of Vulture Culture: Day 5

5) Favorite object in your collection?

this is way too hard, here are my top three babies


kovu the male posable soft mount alaskan cross fox, cinder the old female yukon wolf, and krista the amazin lil female pallas’s cat <3

31 Days of Vulture Culture: Day 3

3) Antler selfie! (or whatever bones you want)

i have no antlers, and my only antlered skull is a pain to move (a white tailed buck, but the spot he is, he’s better off staying).. so have me rockin wet, just-got-outta-the-shower slick backed hair with a white tailed doe skull that my dental hygienist gave me =(^◡ω◡^)= 


i’ve been in a huge manaphy mood?? like they are such a cute pokemon and i always associate them with hoenn because of the movie (which is amazin ok and i need to rewatch it soon) and i just love them lots. my mom got me this cute plush a while back uwu