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untitled by neamoscou on Flickr.


My new Alaskan cross fox. This guy is HUGE! He puts all other fox I have worked on to shame. His fur is so dense and soft. I love him! He just needs a few minor repairs to his face where the leather was shaved too thin and he is ready to mount.

If anyone has a cross fox face for sale I could use for repairs please let me know. I need to replace a tiny area just below the left eye and just in front of the right ear (they are barely noticeable due to the long winter coat).

sabriel was there with me when i began collecting taxidermy (wow, i didn’t even have any pelts on my wall at that point lol!). he met kovu before he was mounted, and afterwards. he even chewed a whisker off of him before i could stop him heh. he loved my taxidermy items though and even groomed them. he was such a sweet boy.. i still can’t believe he’s gone… i am grateful to have these memories tho.




Photo by kayossus // CC license 2.0

Where is this, anyone know?

It’s at the State Darwin Museum in Moscow, Russia. The display shows foxes produced through the Siberian domestication project and the resulting variation in color and form of the foxes. 


Medieval fair, Paris (own)


the skull from my jungle cat skeleton on my jungle cat fur vest <3

the skull from my jungle cat skeleton on my jungle cat fur vest <3


We’re welcoming the weekend with Lonesome George.

Be among the first visitors to see the famous Pinta Island tortoise who was the last of his kind when he died in 2012. Lonesome George will be on display at the Museum till January 4, 2015, when he will be returned to Ecuador as part of that country’s national patrimony.

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Have a wonderful weekend!

click for full size!!! guess who got a dream item!!! me!!! ahh!! a jungle cat vest to go along with my skeleton! fuck yeah! (these are cites II and legal thanks)