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i had a dream that my mom got her usual box of vitamins or w/e in the mail but instead of the proper stuff there was a bunch of tobi (from naruto) stuff, including a mask, and so i decided to cosplay tobi and ordered an akatsuki cloak in the mail and was like sending acacia selfies of me as tobi


does anyone have any suggestions on getting rid of moths? (they look like case-bearing clothes moths)

obviously i’m gunna do a head-to-toe cleaning of my room and closet, which is gunna be a giant pain in the ass (i have huge book shelves and a really heavy dresser i will need to move, etc.. my room is quite large so it’s gunna take a while)… and i plan to get fly tape and prob the moth pheromone traps. :-//

right now i have all my pelts/mounts/furs/dry preserves/feathers bagged even tho i *knock on wood* didn’t see any on them

but i’ve been looking into stuff- sprays- that protect your mounts/etc… like hotspot i think it’s called? and mount medix??? has anyone used these? can anyone tell me about them? do they have a smell? is it safe with all colors of fur? with vintage/fragile pelts? dry preserves?

i would really like to take precautions against these moths as well as working towards getting them the fuck out of my room at LEAST and would really appreciate the help because i have never dealt with something like this before :-(((

sighs i have a moth prob in my room so all my pelts and soft mounts and dry preserve stuff and feathers and whatnot are now in bags fan fuckin tastic this sucks and i dont have any room in the freezer so now i gotta hope they suffocate ((if anyone has some tips to protect my taxidermy stuff i would appreciate it))

solara is showing signs of gi stasis too im giving her simethicone and whatnot and everything and shes eaten a little bit of mint but shes acting exactly how sabriel was when i realized he had it, she was absolutely fine yesterday and ate last night and now she’s not fine and won’t eat craisens and im so scared

finally decided to plug my external harddrive in to this main comp, last i had used it was with my laptop and it had been clicking and i genuinely feared i had lost everything. thankfully it seems to be doing ok right now and i am now transferring most of the important stuff to this comp until i can get a new harddrive (my laptop would not be able to handle this much stuff)

(theres a hell of a lot more than that too oops)

i’ll have to go thru and delete anything non important when i am done transferring, easier that way than picking and choosing what to transfer…

but i have lots of important pics on there, everything from my vegas trip to my pictures from my trip to japan to a bunch of pictures of sabriel and lady and my other pets that i cannot bear to risk losing again. i need them safe on this comp

so, i went to go cuddle with silas and realized he had a bunch of poop on his bottom! he had obviously laid on his cecals and some had dried. i got what i could with baby wipes, and then got my mom. i held him on his back while she cut the poop off (and boy, did it stink!).

but silas decided he needed to pee.. and he needed to pee NOW! so he started peeing. an arch of rabbit piss in the air, on my mom’s phone (good thing she has a galaxy s5, right? pfft), on the kitchen counter, and i managed to hold him over the sink where the last amount went, and then before it stopped, it went on my arm..

the perils of being a parent (and my mom a grandma) to rabbit children i guess. he probably feels a hell of a lot more comfortable now though!

now my arms feel like jello tho for holdin him for so long.. he’s 12 lb for those that dont know LOL

sabriel passed away today. today was his 5th birthday. loved my boy so much..

takin sabriel (one of my buns) to the vet today…. he hasnt eaten much, if anything, and seems to be having gas problems… I havent seen him poo or pee either.. I am really worried and anxious I keep crying .. I think the last he was at the vet was when he broke his leg… im cuddlin w him in bed before we go ive barely had any sleep today sucks

i saw at least 100 turkey vultures in one spot today and lemme tell u right now it was the coolest fuckin thing ever. LITERALLY 80 of them were flyin in this big tornado formation and 20 or more were laying/sun bathing on a barn fuck it was SO COOL