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so one of my 3d printed bracelets came in!! a lil small but still fits enough, and doesn’t fall off hELL YEAH

ahhh look at my cute lil kageyama charm!! canis-decassatus got him for me ♥

my dad keeps insisting the microwave smells like curry =_= i like the smell of curry and that is not what the microwave smells like

so my big grandma (that’s what i call one of my great grandmas), had open heart surgery yesterday at the age of 90! she had like 5 bypasses, 2 of her arteries were 90% blocked and another 80%, and the surgery was 6 hours long! and my mom and dad just talked to her on the phone just now and wow! she sounds like normal, like she never had any issues at all! i’m so glad nvn i think i am gunna get to go see her tomorrow too :-0

OK SO I WAS WATCHIN MY OLD FLIPAGRAMS, which are slideshows with your pictures from instagram…. and i did one of my rooster albedo a lonNGGGG time ago, with some song that i thought sounded really brutal, like, intense, which i wanted the flipagram to represent albedo going from super sweet to all mean. ALMOST 8 MONTHS LATER (today)… i rewatched it…. and…. it turns out it was the song “turn down for what”…. wtf i cannot believe this

another one of verticalforklift's baby alpacas died ;;3;; so i got that one too. <33 (i seriously appreciate it fork i can’t say that enough!)

i went to sleep at 5:30am and somehow my intuition woke me up at 9:00am??, and there was a text (and facebook message from fork’s mom) saying i can go pick him up. so i woke up my mom and we drove out to get him (thankfully fork lives pretty close to me x-D)

this one was a brown boy named ‘cocobean’ and he lived about a week. thankfully the last(?) two of the alpaca babies are doing okay ;;v;; <33 and they’re so cute! cocobean barely fits in my freezer- he stretches the length of it. he’s not huge but he’s a lot smaller than faith (the other baby alpaca) is. i haven’t seen him yet because he was bagged when i went to get him, but i’m sure he’s really cute too!!

oh and fork’s turkeys scared the shit outta me when my mom and i went to pick him up LOL. there’s 4 boys and they were like gobbling and following us casually and like?? clicking and it was sorta cute but i was like DISTANCE TURKEYS LOL. bc i didn’t know if they were mean or not x-D they were ok tho! just curious.

Close up of the bird I helped after she hit the window. She is safe and released now! <3

This poor birdy hit our window HARD! She was gasping for air, blood on the beak, legs moving weird, and head hanging limp. I thought she was going to die… But I held the her, and it seemed like she couldn’t fly- when she tried she flopped around. So we got a cage we used to transport my pet rats way-back-when and I started giving her water with my fingernail. 

She slowly was gaining her coordination back, standing, color coming back to the inside of her mouth, and just overall improving (you can see in the pictures, I was sure to document her progress)! Finally, she then started hopping around like LET ME OUT! And then I released her!

So if anyone tries to tell you people who eat meat/love taxidermy don’t love animals, remember that often it is those kind of people that do the most for animals, and this isn’t just me speaking for myself. I see people like me helping animals and donating to good causes more often than not! And I personally ALWAYS try to save an animal before anything else. :-)

Click the pictures for the full sizes, and please do not remove any of the caption!

honestly a week or so ago i was lookin at pokemon cards at target and waiting for my mom so i legitimately organized all the card packs LOL and then some lady came by and was like looking at them all confused and i was like, “y’want any help?” and she was like complaining about the price so i was like, “this one is a good choice, it comes with a holographic card and a coin and is only a tiny bit more expensive.” and so she got that and left and then a lil boy and his dad came over and were picking out packs- that was cute.