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drinking my last melon fanta for my birthday ;;3;; so good but so bittersweet because it is my last one. expired last august but it is still good LOL <3

SO yeah canis-decassatus came over again this weekend!!! nvn they came over and spent the night and gave me a buncha stuff (i will get pics up soon ;v;) BC THEY ARE WAY TOO NICE and we got to hang out and talk and stay up until 6 fuckin am LOL. x-3 then the next day their fam, them, and i all went to a city near where i live and walked around and had dinner and looked at plants and found a leopard vest for a bunch of money LOL but it was so cool and we never have enough time to hang out but its rly awesome hangin out w acacia ;;v;; and their family is very nice too and their siblings are adorable LOL

thatsthatoneegirl and i rode bikes 5.5 miles (to a place + back today! we rode to an abandoned bunch of barns and man my legs are gunna be so sore but it was super fun and the barn was pretty awesome! we went inside and each found some bullet shells? and bones and ear tags for farm animals„, so we got souvenirs! LOL (bree also got a spoon LOL)

though we do wanna go back and explore more and take more pics and of her in her cosplay and whatnot!!!

i found some cow bones too i think„ I WAS SO NERVOUS BECAUSE THEY’RE HUGE I WAS LIKE„ WHAT IF THEY’RE HUMAN BONES LOL„ so we left them there, maybe i will be able to bring them back next time!

we saw a bunch of really rad barn swallows swooping around the inside and that was so cool, and we saw some babies in the nests!! the whole barn was like„, the last of us-esque and it was so creaky and spooky but so so cool!! i should be postin pics later nvn

(also we got a LOT of mosquito bites x-x” we didn’t think of bug spray until we got there!)

so we’re switching from that shitty dusty litter„ y’know- freshstep- to cat attract, which has no dust at all and is only slightly more expensive, and tonight i dumped out the 2 smallest cat litter boxes (since i’m home alone it’s all i could handle- they’re heavy w clay litter inside!) and scrubbed them clean and refilled with the new litter!! so im pretty glad about that, they needed a full cleaning like that! and i’m pleased to finally be switching to the better litter- better for the cats and better for me too!

we have this fake fireplace in between our kitchen and living room and somehow flies always get in there but they are trapped so they die„, well apparently a tree frog got stuck in there. no one ever noticed??? HOW DID IT GET IN????? i wish we had noticed bc now its dead„, i would have saved it :-cc i looked over and was like wtf is that AND ITS A DEAD FROG„ wtf„, hopefully it doesnt stink and i can keep it ;-; this is so fuckin wild

three sighthound-esque statues i found at homegoods over some months that reminded me of nochoramet ;v; click pics for bigger!

yesterday a gray catbird hid our window (twice x-x) and was stunned. i picked the bugger up and held it until it was able to fly off safely! it even stood on my finger for a lil while„ so cute. see the other pic here.

my succulents have grown so much =(^ಥωಥ^)= ♥ click for full size! top is when i got them on may 28th, all left outdoor pics is when i potted them on june 1st, and the right indoor pics are today, june 23!

my mom found a gray hair on my head today

this is the second one

when my whole head goes white

i am gunna dye it really rad colors

i had my mom take that kinsey test thing earlier and she got the same result i get no matter when i take it (failed) i laughed