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Subconjunctival hemorrhage from throwing up so hard on Friday (top, left/bottom, right). I hadn’t puked in 7+ years (maybe more?) and it was really bad. It’s mainly hidden underneath my bottom eyelids (I’m pulling my eyelid down and looking up) but you can see some of it peek up over my bottom eye lid on the inner corners of the eyes (both of them).

Some chicken-themed goodies I got for Easter from my mom ♥

there’s some shit goin down on the main road next to my house? two fire trucks (one with both spotlights on), black car in a ditch on the opposite side of the road, a ton of volunteer fire fighters, some police cars, lots of ppl walkin around w flashlights????? wtf is goin on???

February 15, 1993 - April 16, 2013.

It’s been one year since Shannon suddenly passed. Time moves by really fast but that doesn’t make me hurt any less at all. This is my set up for her. I have this picture of her, sparrow wings, a white feather, and some wolf figures because she loved wolves and I got those Up North (which she went with me before). Next to it, out of frame, is a Birthday card from her, and some pictures of us inside.

Shannon changed my life- honestly, she made me who I am today. I would not be me without her. Shannon was my first friend where we consistently visited/spent the night at each other’s house. The first friend to include me in a “group” of friends. My first friend I had who shared interests with me fandom-wise. I was first bullied with her. I first stood my ground against the bullies with her. She was the first girl I ever loved- the one who made me realized I like girls. She was also my first sexual experience pretty much (no clothes taken off). We would sleep together, spoon, hold hands, etc. when we slept. She broke down any anti-affectionate walls I built and I was never afraid to be myself with her. (This probably sounds silly but she was also the only person I ever rubbed the feet of. I hate feet but hers were great.)

I talk about her a lot. Everything really reminds me of her and experiences I shared with her quite honestly. I can’t say I’m sorry about it though because I never want to forget her so I will not not bring her up- she made such an impact on my life. I want her to always be in my memory and I enjoy sharing those memories with my current friends. I want everyone else to know what she meant to me. I want to share her memory with those that never got to meet her, those who are important to me now- because I know that she would have wanted to meet all of you that are my good friends. She always wanted to meet my other friends that were important to me.

Shannon was an amazing person. Kind, generous, very friendly, forgiving… so very forgiving. We did fall out before- we had a stupid argument. But when we made up it was like it never happened. She was friends with everyone and anyone who was willing. She always encouraged me to be the best I could be and to have confidence and she always gave me advice and she was just there for me for the longest time. She wasn’t afraid of what people said and wasn’t afraid of being judged and because of her I am me.

I will never forget what she meant to me and please, do not think of me bringing her up as a downer. I am not bringing the mood down and do not have intentions to because I do not get sad sharing those good memories I had with her while I am conversing with my living friends, even ask my friends I have told about her in person. I smile when I talk about her, I am happy to share the experiences I had with her. I tend to reserve my sad feelings for when I am alone. If I am sharing a memory with you, please accept it because it’s so very important to me.

Also, next time you are at that Bath and Body Works store, smell the “Japanese Cherry Blossom” lotion. That smell reminds me of her. It probably sounds silly but I smell it when I miss her a lot and I can almost imagine she’s there.

I will always miss her.

I love you, Shannon.

Please visit my dreams again.

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amanda’s and i’s tickets for youmacon 2014 = purchased!!!! uwu

this is what i’m using my 12 yrs of japanese classes for

so i’ve been doing the pokemon google maps thing.. click thru for my comments on each pic and to enlarge them

What’s the deal with bald people?
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